Recently I had a shoot with a new friend of mine. I contacted him about a shoot last August I believe, but since it turned out that we lived oceans apart, we would have to wait. Finally got to meet him last month.

My set-up is always simple. One light facing to the side and a backdrop. Elements of this shoot would be new for me, because I had never worked with smoke before. Not to mention, I rarely get to work with male models. Females seem to dominate within the sphere of my profession. Luke was a real sport, though. Hopefully sometime in the future we’ll get to have another go at a shoot!

Also, I am definitely in love with black and white shots these days. There is something captivating and mysterious about it that I can’t explain well with words. The way it hides and reveals. It’s simplicity. The way it balances everything out, and leaves you feeling fulfilled without being overwhelmed. Yes, I am definitely going to be working with it more this month.



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My Dad


Had a mini photo-shoot with my dad today. I think the last photo I took of him was 2-3 years ago. So when he came over in the afternoon we ended up snapping a few shots.


Reylia S.

On “We Were Blinded”

Love-blinded2-smallHave you ever been in love? It is definitely a beautiful experience like no other. As you step into the world you see that it is a magnificent mass of twirling, twisting fabric and leaves. You are empowered, and you feel as if you can do anything just as long as you continue dancing. The light makes it’s way through the leaves of the trees and gently touches the floor and your skin. The world that surrounds you becomes kaleidoscopic and fills your body with it’s resonating energy. The music that plays is the beating of your heart and the whistling wind.

You take your parter’s hand and you are whisked away into a reverie of forevers, dreams, and  “Never let me go”. You are sure that this would be the dance of your life; you can feel it.

But then your partner trips. That’s OK, we all forget the steps sometimes so we forget and forgive and continue to sway and move together. It is hard to pick up the harmony again, but once again you move together as if the beat had never been broken.

But you never realized the one problem during this splendid dance: You are blinded. Through the madness of the moment, you can’t see the person for what they truly are. Their flaws fade away before you eyes in a rose colored fog.

So this is love.


sketchIn my own attempt to describe and understand romantic love, this picture was born. It started in October of 2013, I believe, with a simple sketch. I thought of my previous relationship and how it ended, but also the times in between. When they say that Love is Blind, they really know what they are talking about. It is not anyone’s fault, it is just that sometimes people have different dances. Sometimes too different. So then they end up spinning away from your life. When this happens, you are catapulted into reality and everything becomes a thousand times clearer. Then you ask yourself “What was I thinking?”  But cest la vie, it is in the past.

This idea had been sitting in my sketchbook for about 5 months until it was actually materialised. It gave me a chance to properly plan it out. Also after 5 months, my Photoshop abilities had got to the point where I could manipulate it almost identically to how I saw it in my head (At least this image). It wouldn’t have been the same picture if it had been earlier.

1382790_583131335067238_2139790226_nI then contacted fashion designer Michelle Hebert ( Upon viewing her portfolio, I knew straight away that I wanted to work with her, so I sent an email to see if she would be interested in making a gown for this project.  I told her my idea for it, and then off we were. Since this photo was about love, I knew I wanted the dress to be red. But I also wanted it to be long. Really long. She definitely delivered. The dress she designed turned out to be perfect.  I had such a fun time working with Michelle on this collaboration. Also along the way, we became good friends. I’m looking forward future collaborations with this wonderful woman!

For the model, I had my friend Ayumi come in. She has modelled for me before, so I knew that she was the only one for this shoot. She works as a dancer and has the ability to be any character I give her. The guy for the shoot, Araya, was also really great! It was my first time modelling him, but his fun personality made photographing him a pleasure! Bascially, both of them were wonderful!

I was a bit worried about this photo-shoot, because it it quite different from the pieces I normally post. Sometimes I can be scared of exploring my full expression because maybe it won’t look “Fine Art” enough, or that it will deviate from “my style”.  But then I knew that I loved the picture myself, that it expressed the feelings I once had, and that is what matters. Sharing art is about sharing parts of yourself, even the fears you may have. It is about understanding yourself as an artist and person, and inviting people along on your journey.  Thank you all for coming on it with me!

If you have any comments, critiques, or questions, please post them below! I would love to hear what you have to say!