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Each day, I am again trying to experiment. For the longest time, it feels, I have been in transition mode. Experimenting, teaching myself, learning from others, and trying to figure out what it is I’m after in my work.

I’ve been thinking of weekly challenges for myself in between my studio shoots. This week I’ve decided it would be 7 days of Food and Photos, and even that for the simplest image, takes a certain amount of scrambling and figuring out what it would be.

I find myself wondering, a waterfall of thoughts, if I should go about it in this way. Would it be beneficial for me to show the places where there are cracks in my work? Should I be uploading things that aren’t my main work?

These thoughts do tend to leak into my main frame of thinking, until I realize that I do enjoy talking, and sharing the process and the progress. There is a freedom in showing what you do without worrying about what you’re showing.

And I feel now, so much better than before. I felt weak, and very much not in control. Sitting day by day, wondering what to do, feeling so stuck in the mud. But with this, I feel I am coming out of the funk again. And if I do return to that bad place again, as most people tend to do, I hope to come out again, feeling just as good and as sure of myself as I do today in this moment.



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Our Strangeness

Photo Copyright© Reylia Slaby Photography and may not be used without written permission

It is important to fully explore the unique, unusual, and strangeness of ourselves. To marvel at our abilities to be odd. There are so many of us who feel out of place and awkward, if not all of us, and it takes us years to finally settle into ourselves.

I say to you, dear artist (aka everyone), be that part of yourself. Don’t push it away, but give it the spotlight. Figure out more ways you are weird, and then let it bleed into what you create and how you design your life.

I am 25, and I am continuously stripping away the layers of my anxiety that insists on a steady regrowth of insecurity and lack of confidence. I feel my limbs shake, and give way to awkward pauses in my speech. When I would stand in front of people, be it during a seminar or just momentarily at a party, once my stream of words was interrupted, it was guaranteed that I would be tripping consistently throughout the rest of the talk. Kind of like the runner at the Olympics that after one hurdle just kept fumbling over each one after that. Basically, everyone was glad they weren’t him. But I was him, in my daily life.

Now though, I find I smile more at those trip ups. I find more I am comfortable with where I lack. I recognize them, and see more clearly where I should try to fill. I feel aware of myself, who I am, and make more decisions based on what I am comfortable with.

I do things that match my strangeness. Match it today, tomorrow, and every day forever.