Painting backgrounds / Shoot with Madison

A portrait I did a week back, or so.
In the morning of the shoot, I decided to paint my own background. I had earlier purchased a black cotton backdrop for photo-shoots, but each time I attempted in using it, it has just been a hassle to work with. Since messing around with cloth has been frustrating, I wanted to buy something sturdy (Like plywood) and paint it. Both my sister Johnna and I needed to go to the Home Depot, but neither of us can drive, and we both had heavy purchases in mind. While scanning the shelves at the store, I knew we both couldn’t carry what we wanted back to our home. After thinking about it a little, I remembered that in our house, there was a door that was sitting in storage, and no one knew where it had come from. I decided to buy some paint, and to use the door as the canvas. So after a bit of paint splatters and toxic inhalation, it turned out to be a lovely background. I imagine I will be doing it this way again.





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