On “The Beauty in the Broken”


Yesterday I had another photo-shoot for my series “The Mystery of the Girl in Her Garden”. At the moment, I don’t have the desire to say much on the series itself, but I will write a bit on the individual photos and the process.

Once before I asked my sister if I could break her violin for a photo-shoot. Understandably, she wasn’t fond of the idea, so I didn’t push it, even though the violin itself had fallen into disuse and it had been cheap. Today, although, I felt the need to ask her once more. This time she didn’t seem to mind as much, just as long as I eventually replaced it.

I had never broken a violin before, so that was a strange experience.

After I had done the deed, I packed up for the shoot. Along with the violin, I had a black dress, my camera (Nikon D7000+50mm), tripod, and umbrella, and then I was off.

The air has been slowly getting cooler. Along with this new chill, it had been sprinkling. I thought that it would surely rain before I reached the garden, but it hadn’t yet started by the time I reached my destination.

I began working straightaway.

In the moment of brokenness lies a magic that, I believe, cannot be discovered elsewhere. I have found that in my darkest moments laid a blazing fire of hope and inspiration. Once it had been revealed, it was a place I kept returning to, and more importantly, it was a place I could return to. This image, to me, represents those times of trouble, both external frustration and internal struggle.

I was shooting for about an hour, although it only felt like minutes. In the moment I decided I would stop shooting, a downpour began. A beautiful autumn downpour.





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