Conceptual photography workshop!



New fall plan guys! Super excited about this one! For early details please contact me at or through FB message. Early reservation is recommended.

**We will be working with 2 models, 2 assistants, and a variety of costumes**
Basic schedule for the day (Subject to change):

10:45 Meeting time
11:00 Proper introductions. Presentation on Fine Art Conceptual photography in Nara park. Discussing inspiration, how to find your own style and voice, motivation, fears, and the love for photography.

12:45Inspiration exercizes to get the creative juices flowing!

1:00 Lunch break (Meal included in the fee)

2:00 We will go around to 4~6 previously scouted locations and explore conceptual photography in a way that will make the photographic experience more fun and enjoyable. The focus will be on YOU. Discovering new ways to put your best photographic foot forward.

5:00 Back to the park! I will be giving a short presentation on editing your images with Photoshop. Briefly showing you how to use your tools to get the best possible image.
5:30 Finish.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!




1 thought on “Conceptual photography workshop!”

  1. best of luck with this. i think it would be facinating (engrossing, captivating, absorbing, interesting, enchanting, beguiling, bewitching, enthralling, enrapturing, entrancing, spellbinding, transfixing, riveting, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, engaging, compelling, compulsive, gripping, thrilling; More)

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