A Vague Essence


This was a funny shoot. I had missed photographing myself for my conceptual shoots, but this time it could work. I loved every moment.

In the beginning I removed the washi doors from my tatami room to the living room where where was a bit more light and balanced them against the wall. I had my sister stand in front for 5 seconds at a time so I could set my manual focus. In the beginning I didn’t know where my other settings should go, so I kept changing them as I went along.

For about 30 minutes I danced with the sensu (Japanese fan) before my camera as the shutter clicked on and off. Twisting and turning, arms flying, and hair being gently moved by a electrical fan that I had set up in front of me. This time I wanted to capture a certain type of emotion. I also wanted it to look painterly.

This picture comes from a part of my identity, being born and raised in Japan. There have been quite a few who didn’t believe me based solely on how I look. I don’t mind too much anymore, it is understandable. I still wanted to create a piece that told that story of that slight hint of the oriental. That vague essence of a Japanese identity.

Definitely want to try this style again.

Much love,





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