Dairy #3 Growing



Yesterday I gave three presentations on photography. I will be sharing about that interesting experience in more detail later, but one thing that I touched briefly was my very first conceptual shoot. The anniversary for when I started conceptual photography is coming up, and I wanted to look back and see how I changed and grew. It is quite amazing at how different my life is now, even after a year. The way I think, how I present myself, the things I value, how I view art, are all different. Things have changed incredibly.

Right now, though, I am feeling so grateful for all the amazing experiences I’ve had being a photographer. There are so many people I wouldn’t have met, and hundreds of places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.

It also reveals in me the things I need to change. It is like looking into a mirror. It gives me a chance to look at myself and it challenges me to be honest. Through that, there is growth.

Yesterday I asked the students, “How do you grow?” Sometimes it can feel like you reached a plateau, and that growth is a thing of the past. It can be difficult to keep trudging on when it feels like your body is filled with cement.

I believe, though, that the relentless and shameless creation of art will solve that problem.






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