Self Portraiture



I love doing self-portraiture. Not because I’m a good model, but quite the opposite actually. I need a ton of practice.

Doing self portraiture helps put yourself in the model’s shoes. When I am on set by myself, I make all sorts of mistakes. I often forget to look towards the light, I dont bend in the right way, my chin goes up too high. I have no one to direct me. All I have to go on is how the pictures turn out on one bunch.

I used timer, so I needed to use manual focus. I set up a fan that is about my height and I focused on that. Manual focus isn’t the easiest thing when you are in front of the lens.

As people, we can oftentimes be our own worst critic. When I was younger I used to look at the mirror and hate parts of my face. I would stress myself out everyday and wish so badly that I could change how I looked. I think that in a way, I wanted to look Japanese. Despite my strong insecurities, I still enjoyed self-portraiture. It is a documentation of your growth, and as I grow older in photography I can see how my style changes, and how my perception of a “good picture” changes.

Tip for self-portraiture:

1. You need to do it a lot.







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