Old Souls


A picture I took of my sister Millie today. I really love the look of an old photo, and I tried to replicate that. I’m planning on doing a series called “Old Souls” , so we shall see how that goes. I mentioned in an earlier post how much more I adore black and white these days, but it is becoming so much so that I am unsatisfied with a portrait unless it is black and white.

The plan for this series is to create images with my DSLR, but blend textures and elements that are reminiscent of “the old days”. Like a person who seems like he/she is an “old soul”, they exist in the current world, but who they are seems to have started from generations before. So all the models who will be in the upcoming photos will all be people who have that quality. I’m fortunate enough to know quite a few.

For this shoot, me and my sister walked around for about 30 minutes around my neighborhood. Shot in hard light.

Enjoy, friends < 3



Copyright Reylia Slaby Photography


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