I Think In Pictures

“I Think In Pictures” Copyright Reylia Slaby Photography



Today while I was on the train I snapped a few pictures with my point and shoot. I’ve been taking pictures of a lot of random things these days; it feels like I’m going back to my pre-teen/early teen years when my point and shoot was all I had.

It was different back then. There was absolutely no pressure in my art. In a way, I didn’t even realize that what I was creating was art. I just did what I liked. So it felt nice to go back to that, because I don’t handle pressure very well. I know that in this day and age we have to be confident in everything we do, otherwise we won’t be taken seriously. It’s quite stressful these days, because I don’t know who I want to be. There are thousands of personas floating around inside me, and I keep switching depending on my mood and the person I am with (Probably why I become slightly panicked when I’m around a lot of different people in one day). I’m guessing that most people feel that way to a certain extent, but these days for me it has been becoming slightly severe.

While coming back home I was on the train, and I started snapping pictures outside. I was surprised at how quickly the scenery changed each time even though all of them were taken in a span of a minute. It felt like how I think. My brain keeps hopping from one thing to the next that I can’t concentrate or communicate as well as I’d like to. Also, I rarely think in language. I think in images. So when I am having a discussion, hundreds of pictures flash before my eyes and I want to describe all of them but my brain often gets flooded and a bunch of nonsense comes out instead.

The thing that seems to cure it best is staring at a computer screen for a few hours. No problem there : P






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