Diary #2 A new discovery


A new cafe was built next to my station a few weeks ago. Tonight was my first time to venture in, since I am not exactly the type to go to cafes often. I had some work to organize, and I had a bit of reading to catch up on. I was armed with Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy, my sketchbook, and my diary.

What shocked me as I entered was this: I had already fallen in love with this place. I was pleasantly amazed at how at peace I suddenly felt.

I ordered a Italian Cappuccino and got to work on sketching out ideas for my photo-shoot tomorrow. Old ideas came back and new ideas introduced themselves to me at the end of my pencil. I then switched to my diary. Here are a few bits of what I jotted down:

I can feel my mind blooming. My heart is so glad. I want to screamーto dance. I am again in love with life. I am happy again.

When people walk in, look around, and leave, I am dumbfounded. Do you not feel what this place holds? The wide windows, the romantic lights, and jazz as smooth as honey playing in the background.

And then there was Boethious. A good friend of mine had lent the book to me, and I am extremely grateful. I am still in the beginning of it, but it is so beautiful. While sitting there, I could not help but cry at the passages and poetry.

However, it is not simply a case of your having been banished far from your home; you have wandered away from yourself, or if you prefer to be thought of as having been banished, it is you yourself that has been the instrument of it.

It was a real treat sitting there. I don’t believe that I have felt that much joy in a while. It made me even more excited and confident about the shoot for tomorrow.

I think I will become a regular at the cafe.





4 thoughts on “Diary #2 A new discovery”

  1. I’ve had that experience before. It was a long time ago during my student days. But it was magic. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for bringing it back to me.

  2. I love cafes and coffee shops. There is something so authentic and personal about them. I find myself able to work so well in the atmosphere often found in these places, they almost remind me of an old friend, somewhere I have known all my life. I find them so comforting and a place where I can relax
    Sass x

    1. Definitely!! Curiously enough, though, I only get those feelings when I am alone in a cafe. When I’m with someone else I don’t feel that way so much. I wonder if most people are like that? : P

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