Recently I had a shoot with a new friend of mine. I contacted him about a shoot last August I believe, but since it turned out that we lived oceans apart, we would have to wait. Finally got to meet him last month.

My set-up is always simple. One light facing to the side and a backdrop. Elements of this shoot would be new for me, because I had never worked with smoke before. Not to mention, I rarely get to work with male models. Females seem to dominate within the sphere of my profession. Luke was a real sport, though. Hopefully sometime in the future we’ll get to have another go at a shoot!

Also, I am definitely in love with black and white shots these days. There is something captivating and mysterious about it that I can’t explain well with words. The way it hides and reveals. It’s simplicity. The way it balances everything out, and leaves you feeling fulfilled without being overwhelmed. Yes, I am definitely going to be working with it more this month.



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