Diary #1

Diary #1

Just felt like writing mini posts. Kind of like a diary.

These days things have been quite hectic. I’ve been working more at my part-time job and client work. While I enjoy it, I’m really missing my time to go out and do more conceptual shoots. I get back home when the sun sets so then that leaves no time for conceptual shoots, so I take portraits in my home studio to keep myself in the swing of things.

These days it can be a bit hard to think of ideas. I started conceptual photography about 10 months ago, so it was around this time when the ideas really started flowing. I know that it had a lot to do with the fact that I was going through a rough patch at that time, but I wonder if I can will those feelings and ideas to come without the bad experiences? I shall try. I might just need to get out more, since most of my pictures were taken at my home station.

My next scheduled photo-shoot is this Sunday. I will be going to a beach, and I am excited. The change of atmosphere, I’m sure, will be a huge inspiration. Definitely looking forward to it.





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