The Beginnings of Spring.

DSC_9949 DSC_9951 DSC_9952 DSC_9953


The Ume blossoms are starting to wilt. That can mean only one thing, the Sakura are now on their way.

I regularly take walks for location scouting. This particular one became a 5 hour hike up and down my mountain. I will be posting separate pictures from my adventures. But when I was walking down, I remembered that a neighbor had a beautiful Ume tree growing in her yard. These are my photos from that time.

The branches of the trees fell over the high garden wall with a graceful splendour that matched the elegance of a gentle waterfall. They danced in the breeze; releasing their petals with tender acceptance. This is what is meant to be. They are the trumpet blasters for the royal family of Springーthe Cherry Blossoms. Their sole duty of the Ume is to make it known to us that the Sakura are on the way to their kingdom. At their arrival, they will stand before us in the high tops of their palatial branches, and we will bask in their sweet magnificence. They bring peace of mind and heart; the gifts a loving king generously bestows upon his subjects. They will be ours soon, but for now we have the Ume to stand as a symbol of this beautiful promise.

I think I almost like the Ume more than the Sakura. Almost.



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