The World Needs Artists

for-web-4Today I wrote out my answers for an interview for an online magazine. The questions were straight-forward, but those are usually the questions that are the hardest to answer. Why do I do what I do? It is the type of question that is both healthy and extremely frustrating at the same time. Why is that?

 The art of individual expression has been lost to many, I believe. We are told to repress how we feel because it isn’t accepted within the society. To break free from the status quo is something unfathomable and often talked out of. They feed us fear and we tend to swallow every bite, just because we want to fit in. We want to be loved and accepted.

 The truth is, there is not one specific reason for why I do what I do. I just know that there are feelings within me that cannot be expressed solely through words, so I seek a better creative outlet. My forte lies within the artistic sphere rather than the linguistic. But now they are telling me I must have a reason for my art. I am not allowed to create simply because I enjoy the feeling of expression. I must now incorporate hidden social and/or political elements into my work; if I don’t, how am I supposed to get respect as an artist? I must explore themes that concern the world, and not just my own personal agenda.

 Who knows, maybe in time my art will encompass that. There is a good chance that as I mature I will become more intertwined with that way of thinking. But as for now, I create for myself and the people who feel the same way I do. We are misplaced, misshapen, and don’t always understand the world, but we are ready to.

 The world needs artists. But once you start telling one that their ideas are wrong or stupid, then begins the slow death of a hopeful soul who thought they might make a change. Maybe not a global change, but in themselves. That is oftentimes the best kind of change there is, though, because that is exactly how you change the world. One person at a time.



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