on “Past Lifetimes”


We all have past lifetimes we have left behind. As we walk down the path of life we litter debris of broken hearts, childhood heirlooms, and forgotten dreams. We always carry them for a while, but then discard them when we feel lost when holding onto them. We shed old skin and leave it forever, all that remains is the shadow of who we once were, a distant memory that lies behind us like a dream.

But there are also the experiences that become imprinted on our souls, and the pains of a different lifetime are etched upon our faces. We have proof of those moments by the words we speak and the actions we display, now intertwined with our inner being. Those are the memories that take residence in our minds and refuse to leave. After time, though they still remain, we strive to live in harmony with the past by refusing to acknowledge its existence. But that is never true harmony, but delayed insanity.


I had a hard time thinking of a title, mostly because this picture is made up of so many different elements that there is not one word to describe them all.

The idea meant  a lot to me in the sense that occasionally there are memories that are hard to forget entirely. But it confused me, because human beings are often prone to forgetfulness. Can it be that it is our desire that these memories remain with us? That we twist, turn, and reform them like putty in our hands, like a toy we can’t put down? What is it about these events that leave scorching marks that we embrace them so willingly?  I had no idea, and still don’t. But I think it might have something to do with displaying our wisdom. The pearls that experience offers us often inclines us to put them on pedestals and exhibit them like tokens from a war.

For this picture, though, I must thank my friend Judy for being the model. She was so patient with me, even in the freezing weather. You were spectacular!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.43.24 PMAs for the technical side of it, this picture was taken with my trusty Nikon D7000 with the 50mm lens. There were probably 4 or more pictures that were used to create this one.

Here is a screen shot of the editing process! I edit at an extremely close range, as you can see. It’s important to get every little bit, and if you are constantly editing while zoomed out, you are never going to see it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below!


Reylia S.



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