Am I addicted?

Am I addicted?

We are all addicted to something. For some it’s cigarettes, alcohol, or taking selfies.  For me, I got to say it’s Facebook.

Generally speaking, I dislike social media. I got bored of Twitter and Instagram pretty quickly (I literally had to force myself to update.) With twitter, I can’t say all I want to say in 140 characters or less, and for Instagram, I feel that if I don’t add the right hashtags I’m doomed to unpopularity. So I’m  too lazy for either of them. But with Facebook, it’s a different story. I feel like it has become the modern-day version of opening up an empty fridge over and over again. The only exception being that I’m not only looking into my empty fridge, but I’m looking into everyone else’s.

I love getting feedback from the things I post, but recently it has just become so bad to the point where I’m checking it every 10 minutes. If I hear a beep, I jump right to it. For this reason, I’m really glad that I stopped using cellphones, so at least once I leave my house, I’m disconnected from the world. But still, when I get home I’m admittedly just as bad at anyone else.

But even though I think I’m bad, it’s crazy to think that the addiction level of the general population surpasses that of mine. What are we doing to ourselves? What happened to talking to each other face to face and having a normal conversation? The internet that was initially intended as a tool is now a crutch.

Honestly, I don’t know why I go on Facebook that much. To some, it might not be too often, but to me it feels like an insane amount of time. When I was younger (before the Facebook boom), I spent most of my time doing productive things like reading, drawing, and writing. But now, I seem to have fallen away with the wave of people who spend their waking hours looking at memes or staring at a screen.  That’s not who I want to be. That’s not what I want to do.

SO. Since I can’t eliminate Facebook entirely from my life, I will be thinking of a plan that will help me get over the “addiction”.  Because seriously, no one enjoys having to depend on Wifi for happiness.

What about you? Are you or were you a Facebook addict? If we are talkin’ past tense let me know in the comments below how you got over it.

And a current photography update: Going pretty well. I have a list of 40 pictures I want to take at some point in time, so I’ll continue to plan those out. Just as soon as I get off Facebook. Just kidding :3

Hope you are all well ❤




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