Don’t Make Art

Don’t make art, I told myself.

I’m not creative, so I will never be able to be a good artist. I will never be able to reach the level of all those other people. I know I haven’t drawn since kindergarten, but I was always told I wasn’t “the artistic type” so I know for sure I’m not. Sure, all the kids that grew up to be artistic used to be just as bad at it too, but I remember being really bad at it. I know, I know, criticism comes with the territory of the art world, but I know that even if I put in the hours of actual art training, I still wouldn’t be good. Besides, I’m more left-brained.

Don’t make art, I told myself.

There are so many people in the world who make art, why do they need more? It’s not like my drawing will change the world. I might be able to change myself, alter the course of my whole life,  and impact the people around me, but still, that wouldn’t be worth it. If the whole world doesn’t know, what’s the point?

Of course, when I do meet those people who are artistic, I will compliment them on their spectacular talent, and make sure to add that “I’m not creative at all”. But also mention that I wish I was, just to seem a bit more open minded. Maybe even crack a joke about my stick figures.

Don’t make art, I told myself.

I walked through the art store and saw how much that canvas cost. Is this store insane? Don’t they know people have dreams here?! I also took a stroll through the electronics section in the store and saw how much that camera was. Are you kidding me? Do you think I can afford that? Sure, online I could probably find one for less than half the cost, but I won’t bother searching because I need the newest and best one on the market. Otherwise I won’t be the best I can be.

Don’t make art, I told myself.

If I ever wanted to *god forbid* sell my art, then thats another range of skill sets I need to acquire.

I wouldn’t be able to make any money on it. I know that the main purpose of art is to not only inspire others but also yourself, but I will stick with the idea of success before I even start anything.

Don’t make art, I told myself.

I’m much too busy. I have so many things to take care of. Not to mention, I’m stressed. Sure, there are scientific studies being conducted on the health benefits of visual arts therapy, music engagement, and expressive writing, but I shouldn’t take that chance. I might accidentally make more stress.

Don’t make art, I told myself.

I’ve met those artists. You know, the types who end up quitting their job to “pursue their passion”. Then they never have a fully stable job after. Who wants to end up like that, all oozing with passion and all?

Don’t make art, I told myself.


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